Annin Tofu@7-11 in Japan – Go get one!

almond jelly, annin tofu

The annin tofu at 7-11 is hands downs the best almond jelly I have had in my life!

Almond jelly, known as annin tofu is a Chinese dessert(杏仁豆腐 in Chinese) that is very popular in Japan. In fact, I saw it in a cook book written by a Japanese person when I first learned about it. I lived in Taiwan at the time. Quite a few vendors sold them in the traditional markets in Taiwan, not difficult to find at all. I bought a huge chunk, took it home, chopped it into small square pieces and served them with fruits that I like. Oh! I mixed sugar and hot water, too. Almond jelly is meant to be served chilled with fruits in light sugar water.

almond jelly, annin tofu

Or course you can find almond jelly in Chinese restaurants in its country of origin. Chinese restaurants all over the world serve it. Here in Japan, however, you can find it in pretty much every restaurant that serves Chinese food and you can pretty much always find it in convenient stores as well. They are now frequently served in a cup, not chopped up and they come with no fruits. I have had one from a no-name convenient store(sorry, I forgot! but I know it is not one of those ones that you can easily name) which was served in a bubble-tea-looking cup. The guy worked at the convenient store gave me a small spoon. I asked for a straw though, it reminded me so much of a bubble tea so I figured it’d be best to use a straw.

Now comes what this post is about. The annin tofu at 7-11 is hands downs the best almond jelly I have had in my life. It should probably be addressed as almond pudding rather than almond jelly. It is so so so good. I don’t know what they put in there to make it so good. A typical recipe for almond jelly calls for: almond powder, whole milk(and/or heavy cream), sugar, gelatin and water(I will post a link below). On the 7-11 annin tofu’s label, alcohol is listed as an ingredient. It doesn’t say what alcohol though. I am dying to know their secret ingredient. Anyways, if you see my post and you are currently in Japan and you have not tried this dessert that I am talking about, go get one in 7-11. It is soooooooooo good!

almond jelly, annin tofu


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