Painting the Wall, Drawing on the Wall

I’m into decorating. I’ve managed to turn an ex-boyfriend’s headboard into an art piece. It’s too bad that I didn’t take a picture of my work. I would really like to display it here. He had a lot of used stamps that he wanted to keep and an old headboard that neither of us liked. So, while he was at school, I tore those stamps off the envelopes, dipped them in a mixture made of water and synthetic resin adhesive and pasted them onto the headboard. His aunt came over to ask me if I wanted lunch while I was working on my art project. I think what I was doing was not anything that she was expecting to see that day, not on any other day either.

I figured that if the witch from Hansel and Gretel can be creative enough to come up with the idea of decorating the exterior of her home with candies, I can do something crazy, too!

Decorating the exterior of a house using candies? What a brilliant idea!

I painted over the wall facing the veranda in my ex-boyfriend’s apartment using white paint. I picked a simple picture that I liked as inspiration. I picked up a small paint brush and just drew on the wall. I named it JJ’s laundry room because that was where the washing machine was.

Wall Painting by Me

That was fun. Maybe I will use the exterior of my house as a canvas next time.


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