Asian pudding appears to be different from Western pudding. To me, a Western pudding looks more like this:

western pudding


What do they have in common? I think it must be the shape. Puddings seem to be served more or less in a cup. I have never liked what I call the ‘Western pudding’. Rice pudding for instance, is something I can never get used to. I must be too Asian, sugar and rice? NO…there’s just no way. That’s like potato with sugar or pasta with sugar. And regular Western puddings taste pretty much like something I’d put on a piece of toast. They would probably be referred as mousse than pudding in Asia. An Asian pudding usually contains egg and it is either baked or steamed before it is served. Sometimes, I think it is more like a crème brûlée without the hard caramel layer.

Peacock Pudding

PEACOCK PUDDING is a custard pudding likely made of heavy cream. You can find it in Peacock supermarket in many places in Japan. Good quality custard pudding is not difficult to find in Japan, but I just never expected to find such quality in a supermarket. It is mmmmmmmmmm…sooo good. It is kinda sweet though. It’d start to become a little heavy as you work your way in. If you have a sweet tooth like I do, grab one when you see it.

Just another night in Tokyo. Ciao!


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