Giving an old lamp shade a BRAND new life

DIY Brande Name Lamp Shade

I found a old lamp shade in the closet. It had a hole on it. I was about to throw it away.

But I gave it a second chance and managed to find a way to give it a BRAND new life. Literally, brand names are now all over this lamp shade.

DIY Lamp Shade

Here’s what you need: a lamp shade(a paper one’s probably better), a pair of scissors, news paper and glue

  1. Cut out letters from news paper.
  2. Think of words that you would like to have on your lamp shade, maybe a theme first. Family? Love? Christmas?Naughty words?
  3. Glue them on until you can’t see your old lamp shade anymore.

lamp shade

Here’s a picture of my finished product.

I’ve tried using fabric to revive an old lamp shade before. I must say that gluing paper on is  a lot easier than manipulating fabric.

Hope you like the idea I just shared. Merry Christmas, everyone! Ho-ho-ho.


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