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Hi! I am Jennie and I like sugar, if you didn’t already know. Welcome to my blog known as lotznlotzofsugar.

I love cooking and discovering foods from all over the world as well as new ingredients. I also love crafting and decorating. Wedding is a new found passion of mine.

Here at lotznlotzofsugar.com is where I keep a collection of recipes and a display of what I have done in my spare time.

I was born in Taiwan. I grew up in Canada. I’ve lived in South Korea. And now I reside in Japan, married to a Swedish man who lives for fashion.

Asides from my passion for food and “making things pretty”, here is where you can take a look at my unique point of view on things as a Taiwanese Canadian woman living abroad.

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Oh, I almost forgot: I also love to dance!

希望部落格用三種語言寫不會混亂和複雜。也許這是個創舉,又也許…根本沒有人在看:P… 我也打算寫韓文的自我介紹,不過今天沒有空。韓文版晚點會出現。








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