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bridal shower

Bridal shower, a gift-giving party traditionally thrown by the maid of honour or a good friend, a celebration for the bride-to-be is  the most common in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Here in Japan, it seems to be a thing that people have never heard of. I am so very lucky to have my maid of honour, who is my high school friend from Canada living in Japan as well. She planned a such a beautiful party. I had a blast. It’s a day that I’d always remember.

The theme was ‘British afternoon tea’. We had a bruschetta bar which included pan-fried baguette and three kinds of toppings such as a mix of tomato and basil, fresh ricotta cheese and a mix of avocado and shrimp.

It would not be a British-themed tea party without scones. I didn’t know what clotted cream was, though I am still not sure what it is. All I know is that it’s yummy and it can actually be found in the Japanese supermarket nearby. Mmmm…scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam…mmmm.

bridal shower advice treasure box

Here’s a couple of pictures of the advice box created by MK, my maid of honour. Sheep sticky notes for advices to be read next year in the year of sheep; pig ones to be read in five. How cute and adorable. And I got my very own BRIDE CHAIR!

bridal shower finger food

ブライダルシャワー(bridal shower)というの結婚を控えた女性にプレゼントを贈る北米で一般的なパーティーです。



a bridal shower table

英国のアフタヌーンティーを主題としてスコーン、マカロンとケーキを準備しておきました。紅茶はもちろん v(^0^)v。ミニブルスケッタバーも準備しておきました。