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Eating Pig Blood – Blood Pudding(Blodpudding) with Lingonberry Jam and Pig Blood Cake

Blood Pudding with Lingoberry Jam

Blodpudding can be found in Swedish supermarket. I was told to slice it up, pan fry it and eat it with Lingonberry jam. It tasted good but interesting. The blood pudding itself came seasoned, not much seasoning is needed during the cooking process. It is not something I had ever tried before. It tasted a bit like sausage to me. I would eat it again but I don’t think it is something that I would frequently purchase.


Blood Pudding

As a Chinese child, I grew up eating strange parts of animals, blood included. I guess I always knew that people from other places in the world eat blood product also, but I assumed that mostly it would be in the form of sausage. It seems to me that people of the west are not particular fond of food items that looked unfamiliar. So, the best way of selling blood product woud be to include it in a sausage. I felt intrigued when I saw the blood product above since it looks rather close to the Chinese version of such thing. Here, I share some photos with you. The Chinese version of such thing usually isn’t flavoured, threfore, it is usually cooked in some sort of soup.

pig blood

pig bloodSource: http://taiwanfoodculture.net/lp.asp?ctNode=2688&CtUnit=1092&BaseDSD=17&mp=1502

While blogging about my encounter with the Swedish Blodpudding during my vacation here in Stockholm, I stumbled upon this website that included a number of blood recipes: http://www.phlebotomist.net/blood-recipes . Intriguing, really intriguing I must say. I did not know that cow blood could be drunk fresh. At the same time, I must say that I also stumbled upon a number of photos of blood draining process that took place in order to produce such food. “Just cause people wanna eat the burger doesn’t mean they wanna meet the cow”….it’s a line I have not been able to forget since I saw the movie called The Island. Well, guess who won’t be cooking Blood Pudding for a long long time?